The Story of Celebration

The liturgy (order of service) of our Celebration Service at CPCoast intentionally tries to tell a story. It is a story that you are called into. We begin celebrating who God is. We continue with confession and prayer. We spend a season remembering the Lord according to His Word and in Communion. Finally, the older children from CPKids join us as our hearts, filled with gratitude for the Gospel, respond with generosity in our offering, in celebration in our singing and sent out in mission as the church.

Call to Worship:

(Celebration | Story of God)

We begin explicitly God-centered.

  • This meeting was not called by CrossPointe. It was called by God.
  • We are here because God, in His Word, has called us.
  • We are here because Christ, in His grace, has enabled us.
  • The Call to Worship is a call to celebrate God!

Confession and Prayer:

(Connection | Story of Man in Relationship to God)

Just as Isaiah we quickly realize that we are standing in the presence of the Holy God. And we have no right to be here. We confess our sin.

  • But even by confessing our sin we confess who God is.
  • That he is holy (so we MUST confess)
  • That he is merciful (so we MAY confess).
  • That we are poor in Spirit (so we DO confess)

Word and Sacrament:

(Community | Story of the Gospel)

It is the work of the Gospel to take what is far off and bring them near. We could sit at home and “be spiritual.” But the Gospel gathers us as one people.- We gather together under the Word as one people

  • Communion calls us to one table as one people.
  • We sit under the Word of the Father.
  • We gather around the table prepared by Christ.
  • We are filled, equipped and sent by the Spirit.

Contribution and Celebration:

(Contribution | Story of the Church)

Having been informed and transformed by the Gospel our gratitude overflows into our generosity, celebration and mission.

  • Our generosity is represented by our offering.
  • Our celebration is represented by our singing.
  • Our mission is represented as we are sent with the commission to “Go and be the church."

Typical Order of Service

  • Song 1
  • Song 2
  • Welcome (Call to Worship)
  • Song 3
  • Confession and Prayer
  • Sermon
  • Communion
  • Song 4 (Older children from CPKids join the service)
  • Song 5
  • Song 6
  • Benediction

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