Jan 07, 2018 | Jeremiah Fyffe


Romans 5:1–5 | We Have Peace With God 
John 15:12-13 | Jesus’ Definition Of Love
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 | Love Is …
Love: Face to Face

If we have been given love, the love that we have been given is to lay down our life for one another.

We must actually get close enough to one another’s lives that we are able to actually love one another when everything in the world would tell us to leave.

Francis Schaeffer
So often people think that Christianity is only something soft, only a kind of gooey love that loves evil equally with good. ... [but] The holiness of God is to be exhibited simultaneously with love.

Tim Keller
To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.

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