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Community Groups

Gathering throughout Brevard County

Disciples Together Making Disciples

We believe that the Gospel connects every Christian into people of COMMUNITY and MISSION.

When God saves us, He calls us out to be His family, the church (Community).

God not only calls us, but "sends" us into the world to make disciples (Mission).

So, Christians are simultaneously a "called" and "sent" people.

At CrossPointe Church, we believe that these two functions of the church are inseparable. In other words, we want to produce small communities of people who are on mission.

Community Groups exist to:

  • Worship God
  • Live in Gospel-centered community
  • Take the Gospel to Brevard County.

A Community Group is group of people centered around the Gospel (Community), seeking to take the Gospel to Brevard County (Mission). These groups will meet in homes, coffee shops, etc and will have a focus to exist not for themselves, but to constantly remember that Christians are not only called, but sent.

When and how often do Community Groups meet?

We meet once per week. Each group sets its own meeting night. See the days and times below.

What do we do?

We begin by enjoying a meal together. By the time the meal is done we have usually found plenty to talk about. Following the meal we typically study a passage of scripture that is associated with the teaching at CrossPointe Coast from the following Sunday.

Are Children Welcome?

Absolutely. Children is one thing our Community Groups tend to have a lot of! The children join us for the meal and a brief time at the beginning of our study. They then play together or watch a movie in a nearby room while the adults share in conversation and study the Bible together.

Is there more to Community Group than the weekly meeting?

We view our community group as a way of sharing life together. Weekly meetings are just one of many opportunities that we spend together. We invite you to connect with us to get to know some of the other ways we enjoy community together. And you don't have to be afraid that by joining a Community Group that you'll never see the members of the other community groups. We do a lot together as well.

Plan a Visit to a Community Group