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Discipleship During Pandemic

Let us first say what is hopefully the most obvious. You, the parents, are still the most important influence in your children's lives for making disciples in your home. Cancelled Celebration Services, no CPKids classes and no Community Group hasn't changed that. It has always been the role of CPKids to come alongside of homes to equip parents in making disciples.

Our mission is to present the story of God to the children of CrossPointe Coast through teaching God's Word and coming alongside families in partnership as we seek to shepherd their children's hearts and point them to Jesus Christ.

Below we have pulled together resources that we use in CPKids that we want to make available to the parents in the coming weeks.

CPKids Curriculum Resources

"Connecting Church & Home" is a resource we normally send out via the newsletter each month. It provides a summary of the lesson from CPKids each week and is a great way to help families to reinforce that teaching throughout the week. That said, it can also be used as a sort of devotional at home even though we aren't gathering for CPKids on Sunday.

"For Your Edification" is a resource that teachers use to study a little deeper in the scripture and topic for Sunday mornings. We hope that parents will engage with this material in the coming weeks as you lead your children.

➤ September 6 | The King at Prayer

Click to Download: Connecting Church & Home | For your Edification

➤ September 13 | The Entrance to Christ's Kingdom

Click to Download: Connecting Church & Home | For your Edification

➤ September 20 | The Healing Hand of the King

Click to Download: Connecting Church & Home | For your Edification

➤ September 27 | All the King's Men

Click to Download: Connecting Church & Home | For your Edification

Other Resources

RightNow Media | CPKids Watch List

Watch videos recommended by teachers and parents at CPCoast. If you don't have access to RightNow Media text your name and email to Pastor Jeremiah at 321-237-0046 and he will send you login information. For more information visit crosspointecoast.com/rightnowmedia.

Don't Waste Your Family Quarantine

Article posted on The Gospel Coalition by Courtney Reissig

"Many parents are in the same situation. We have to think through not only the disruption to everyday life, but also how to lead children through cancellations that affect them".

New City Catechism

The New City Catechism is a great tool to walk children through the doctrines of the scriptures. You might make a habit of reading through one question and answer per day.

A Complete Classical Christian School Reading List: Grades 1-8

There are hundreds of thousands of books written for children. The challenge is discerning what is best for them to read, given so many options. I’m a sucker for good reading lists, so I’m grateful for the folks at Calvary Classical School—a classical Christian school in Hampton, Virginia, who have given me permission to reproduce this list below. 

Questions or Feedback?

If you have questions, feedback or If you would like to share resources you have found, please let us know!