CrossPointe Coast Women's Discipleship

Coming alongside women to point one another to Jesus Christ.


To see every woman at CrossPointe Coast informed and transformed by the power of the Gospel for the glory of God, loving one another, strengthened and encouraged in their daily walk with Jesus, and equipped to share this glorious Gospel with others.

Welcome, ladies!

The CrossPointe Coast Women’s Discipleship team is hard at work planning some wonderful opportunities for discipleship and fellowship among women for the year to come! All of our plans this year are circling around our main theme of “Fixing Our Eyes.” At any given moment of any given day, we are fixing our eyes on something…. Where should our gaze be fixed? Hebrews 12 calls us to “[fix] our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (NASB). Throughout the coming year, we will dive deeper into this theme, and we cannot wait to see what God will do in the lives of women who heed the call to fix their eyes on Jesus!

Be sure to mark September 20, 7:00 p.m. on your calendar - we will be hosting the first of four gatherings at the Connection Room (577 Barnes Blvd). This event will be for all ladies - CrossPointe Coast or not! - as we explore what it is to fix our eyes on Jesus as we disciple one another. There will be singing, food, a challenge to make a plan for our individual discipleship, and a look at the opportunities that will be offered over the year to come. Please come - and bring a friend!

One more thing - don’t miss this article by Lizzie Adams regarding fixing our eyes on Jesus. With big headlines being given to Christians walking away from their faith, how does one remain faithful? Read on, and be encouraged, my sisters!