Global Mission Partner | New Hope Children's Home

Gachuurt, Mongolia


New Hope Mongolia is our children’s home that was opened in 2005. We provide a loving home for children who have either been orphaned, abandoned, or whose families are not able to adequately care for them. New Hope gives them an opportunity to be loved and provided for as they learn about the great love God has for them. Through the home we also are able to employ 8 local staff members: our ministry director, home director, 3 caregivers, a driver, a cook, and a farm worker.


Puje, our Ministry Director, leads a house church on our property. The congregation is primarily made up of our staff and they gather weekly for worship, teaching, and fellowship. When the service is finished they typically share stories and laugh while sipping milk tea before returning to work, serving our children.

This is where the kids of New Hope Children’s Home grow up and where they learn how deeply they are loved by Jesus. But decades of extreme winters and constant repairs have worn it down, making it nearly impossible to keep the kids safe, warm, and fully cared for. Even in a pandemic, the call to continually ‘look after orphans in their distress’ continues. And for the children the need is urgent.

Click the link below to learn more about this project and how you can partner with WEGO to build a new home for the children of New Hope.