Global Mission Partner | New Hope Children's Home

Jinotepe, Nicaragua

New Hope School

We run a Christian School for 75 students between 7th-11th grade. Each student is provided lunch and a free education that includes English and Bible classes. We limit our class size to 15 students per room to enhance community and give our teachers individual time with each student.

God of Hope Community Center

Feeding Program
We have partnered with ORPHANetwork to serve lunch 5 days a week to 250 toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age children in the Roman Esteban community. Food is made each day at the community center by volunteer moms before it is transported to the children.

Bible Club
We have a weekly gathering for first graders to learn about Jesus through music, bible stories, and through activities that promote healthy habits and spiritual growth.

New Moms Club
We have nutrition, birthing classes, infant care, and fellowship for new moms in our community.