Global Mission

Pointing communities around the globe to Jesus.

Global Mission

At CrossPointe Coast

The heart of Christ’s mission for his Church is Gospel proclamation. Gospel proclamation does not begin on the other side of an airplane flight or upon arrival to a soup kitchen. Gospel proclamation begins early in the morning when your heart needs to hear again the joy of salvation. Mission continues as we make known the Gospel to our spouses, our roommates, and our children. Mission then moves out of our households into our neighborhoods, workplaces, dormitories and classrooms.

The call to Community Mission is a call to realize that we are engaged as missionaries in our own cultural context. We must, therefore, come to know the suffering and idolatry of our community and how to bring the truth of the Gospel to bear with clarity and compassion. It is easy to fall into the myth that missionaries are the people who serve in other cultures. However, all Christians are called to mission; to be disciples making disciples.

In this way, CrossPointe Coast seeks to partner with the Church in making disciples globally. As partners in global proclamation, we have the opportunity to learn from our mission partners what God is doing through his church around the world. We must never see ourselves, in our corner of the globe, as the true church and the church scattered elsewhere and in emerging regions as something lesser. One of the greatest things that we can discover is a genuine, relationally-connected love for the church and a desire to join in pointing communities around the globe to Jesus Christ. To this end, CrossPointe Coast partners with various discipleship and church planting ministries in Brevard County, other parts of Florida, the United States, and the world.

Ministries We Support

Forever Mercy

East London, South Africa

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WEGO | Mongolia

Gachuurt, Mongolia

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WEGO | Nicaragua

Jinotepe, Nicaragua

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Florida East Coast

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Portland, Oregon

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Adulam Iglesia Bautista

Las Piedras, Uruguay

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